Does it matter which branch of service I serve in?

No, all our financial aid funds are open to every branch of the United States Armed Forces.

Do I have to pay the money back?

No, our grants are financial aid not loans.

Can I apply for multiple grants at once?

Yes as long as you meet the requirements for the resource(s) you apply for you may receive multiple financial aid grants.

What if I’m a promotable E-4, can I still apply?

Yes as long as you are still an E-4 at the time of us receiving the application your promotable status doesn’t disqualify you.

What if I’m in the National Guard or Reserves?

Our financial aid is available ONLY to active duty service members.

If I’m under investigation for UCMJ can I apply?

No, applicants flagged due to UCMJ action are disqualified.

How much of my donation goes towards helping members of the armed forces?

60 cents out of every dollar donated goes towards supplying grants to members of the United States armed forces.